Below are a subset of projects I have worked on to showcase my technology and design skills:

A Robot Story – Plush Characters

A Robot Story – Kickstarter Campaign

IBM CloudFirst Factory

cloudfirstCreated the project administration dashboard to extent OpenStack’s Horizon User Experience allowing users to add, remove, and update users as member or project administrators to their CloudFirst Factory projects.  Developed the onboarding flow using IBM’s Forms Experience Builder connecting custom services to automate OpenStack administration upon approval.  Developed the dashboard in python and the services in Java.  Additionally, a python cron job was created allowing our blue and yellow zones to work together.



IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

ibmsceI was an original developer on the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise cloud user experience.  Working closely with IBM designers and user experience experts, I converted mockups into pixel-perfect working replicas.  This functional enterprise web application, known by a different alias, was transferred to a team of developers in China where it was later made publicly available as an IBM cloud offering.  We supported IE7+, FireFox3.0+ which meant multiple IE7 hacks.  Beyond front-end development, I was the lead developer on security innovation using Open Authorization 1.0 (OAuth).

Technologies Used: Java, J2EE, JSP, JSON, JavaScript, OAuth, DOJO custom widgets, IaaS, Web Services, JDBC, v17 template (css styles),

IBM Tools: Rational Application Developer, Rational Team Concert, WebSphere Application Server, IBM DB2, Rational Asset Manager



 IBM Cloudroid

cloudroid2Lead and sole developer on this native Android mobile application to manage the IBM SmartCloud application from a smart phone.  This mobile application was only available internally to sales and marketing folks to promote and showcase the features of the IBM SmartCloud Innovation Center.  The application connected to web services to create, update, and view cloud resources such as images, instances, ip addresses, keys, and storage.

Demo Video: Are you an IBMer?  Access this internal only link to view the demo.






splittixHandcuffed to your seat? Break FREE with SplitTix.
SplitTix is a service that connects fans who want to buy and sell seats DURING a live event. Use the free mobile application to list your seat for sale. When you’re ready to change your seat, browse the available seating options, and securely purchase using PayPal. When the payment is successful an in app chat is created between the buyer and seller to negotiate a meetup location for the exchange. The ticket is given to the buyer after entering a 5 digit code.

Technologies Used: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Dojo Mobile Toolkit, Canvas, MySQL, Java, JQuery 1.4.0, PhoneGap v1.2, JSON, REST Web Services (JAX-RS),  Apache Tomcat, Eclipse, UrbanAirship Push Notifications, SMTP, PayPal APIs, native device barcode scanner integration

Design Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Camtasia

Demo Video: View the SplitTix application running on an iPhone, SplitTix demo video.

warriorsmapAs part of the splittix project, I created JavaScript renderings of stadium maps using the HTML5 canvas element and Adobe Illustrators Canvas Export Plugin. I then dynamically applied various styles to each stadium section to indicate whether tickets were available, not available, or a specific section was selected by the user.

View an example of the Golden State Warriors stadium