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I wanted a rubber stamp that looked like a smart phone so I could stamp one of my notebooks and design mobile apps and get my mobile related ideas down on paper.  I reached out to a shop on Etsy and was quoted at around $100 for a custom stamp.  So I decided there had to be a cheaper way.  I found a company that creates custom rubber stamps and sent them my design.  I had to pay to get a mold created and received a few samples.  They were perfect, exactly what I was looking for.  Since I had the mold anyways I figured I might as well share the stamp with other people.  Hence the Kickstarter!




The Internet of Mysterious Things

Coming soon.  A children’s book with a touch of technology.

A Robot Story


My first children’s book. A Board book that teaches children how to count to ten in binary.

2 thoughts on “Books & Hobbies

  1. Michael Yu

    Hi Lisa,

    I am very interested in your idea about the mobile stamp, do you mind to share more information about it with me?

    Sincerely hope to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards

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