patentLisa is a 100th Plateau IBM Master Inventor

Lisa holds 70 United States Patents with over 300 pending patent applications.  She has been named an IBM Master Inventor for two consecutive three year terms starting in 2009.  She is also the first and only women to ever reach the prestigious 100th plateau achievement at IBM.

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Sample Issued Patents


Software License Usage Amongst Workgroups Using Software Usage Data

  • United States Patent 13/407,738
  • Issued September 4, 2012

A license handling information handling system receives an electronic message from a first computer system utilized by a first user. The first user’s message requests a license to a licensed product that has previously been purchased by the organization. The license handling information handling system identifies a second user in the organization that currently has a license to the licensed product, and requests that the second user relinquish the license to the licensed product. The second user indicates that the second user’s license will be relinquished for a temporary time period. The licensing handling information handling system sends an electronic message, including the temporary time period, to the first user. In response to the first user accepting the temporary time period, the second user’s license to the licensed product is revoked, and the first user is granted a license to the licensed product.



  • United States Patent 8302070
  • Issued March 6, 2012

A method of formatting source code in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) environment includes the steps of: selecting a source statement in an IDE; associating a style sheet definition with a selected source statement; applying the style sheet definition to the selected source statement to format a display of the selected source statement; and in response to the style sheet definition being applied to the selected source statement, displaying content from the selected source statement in a visual style that is defined by the style sheet definition.


Alerting a Participant When a Topic of Interest is being Discussed and/or a Speaker of Interest is Speaking During a Conference Call

  • United States Patent 8295462
  • Issued October 23, 2012

A method, system and computer program product for alerting a participant when a topic of interest is being discussed and/or a speaker of interest is speaking during a conference call. A participant to a conference call identifies the topics and/or speakers of interest which is stored for future use along with the participant’s contact information. When a participant’s identified topic of interest is being discussed and/or a participant’s identified speaker of interest is speaking during a conference call, the participant will be alerted to that fact, such as via the means specified in the participant’s contact information.



  • United States Patent 8332540
  • Issued November 11, 2012

Applications generating events, and system facilities generating events, send notifications of the events to a system event sink. The event sink is preferably associated with an operating system, and provides an application programming interface for registering listeners. (In one alternative approach, the event sink operates as a centrally-accessible or network-accessible entity, where it may concurrently interact with more than one client.) Upon receiving a notification of an event, the event sink forwards the notification to any registered listeners. Optionally, filters may be used to specify criteria to be met before a notification is forwarded to the listener. An event does not rely on a particular application for displaying the event to an end user. As one example, notification of a newly-arrived e-mail message might be presented in a chat window of an instant messaging client.